John Wheeler releases ‘Difficult #2 Album’ with new single and tour

Proof that transatlantic flights can be used for more than watching rubbish films and sleeping, the new album from US songwriter John Wheeler was written almost exclusively on just such a flight in 2015. Pulling together scribbled notes, ideas and thoughts from various sources, Wheeler stitched together almost an entire album’s worth of lyrics in the space of a few hours hovering above the sea.

The result is an excellent second album, typified by the single above – ‘Too Much Poop to Flush’. It will appeal to two major groups – those who like their music to come with a sense of humour, and those who enjoy well written, soulful country-folk.

If that sounds like your cup of tea, this album is well worth a listen, and you can also catch Wheeler on the road in the UK right now –

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