Kelly Moneymaker releases two Christmas singles – ‘Home for the Holidays’, ‘Jingle Bells’

An American roots artist with an incredibly powerful vocal, Kelly Moneymaker has enjoyed a strong 2015 thanks to a burgeoning solo career and a couple of excellent single releases. Having previously plied her trade as a member of Billboard Magazine Top 10 girl group Exposé, Moneymaker made the decision to go solo and move away from pop in pursuit of her own, more funk/soul tastes.

The decision so far has paid dividends as Moneymaker builds her own fanbase thanks to that massive vocal talent. And it’s on evidence again with her latest pair of singles, released for the Christmas period.

Above you can find original track ‘Home for the Holidays’ (available here) – a touching look back at personal memories of Christmas. Meanwhile, a new version of Christmas staple ‘Jingle Bells’ can be found below and purchased here. In bonus news, both singles are raising money for charity, which gives you yet another reason to get on board.

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