Des Horsfall’s Kuschty Rye release stunning single ‘Chameleon’ with Pete Townshend

It’s baffling in today’s world of shared information that Des Horsfall is not a household name in the folk industry. One of the finest voices and songwriters in the genre for a number of decades, Horsfall has perhaps suffered because of two things – his genre’s niche status and his dedication to writing great songs over commercial ones.

His latest single however could well see many more ears turning his way, thanks to the involvement of one Pete Townshend (The Who). The single is called ‘Chameleon’, and is taken from an upcoming triple album called ‘The Bastard’s Tin’.

The album itself is a three part LP written in tribute to another folk great, Ronnie Lane. Released on December 11th, the single was written by Lane’s own ex-wife and Muse, Katy Lane. Moving and poignant, it’s a love letter to a great artist, performed by two more greats of our time.


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