British folk compilation: ‘Downtown’ out now from Folkstock

When a new release is featured by new music spotters in The Telegraph (‘Martin Chilton’s Folk Pick’) and The Sunday Times (‘Essential Releases’), it’s a good bet that it’s going to be a good one.

‘Downtown’ (above) is the new compilation from Award winning independent folk roots and acoustic label Folkstock Records. The label have also caught the eye of the likes of Whispering Bob Harris and Tom Robinson, and their new album is a good demonstration as to why.

With ten new songs offered up from a total of eight artists, the album envelopes a great range of folkie styles. Kelly Oliver, one of the top upcoming artists on the scene now, brings an accessible, radio friendly pop vibe. While fans of the more unusual or with more country leanings will love the inclusion of Fred’s House.

The album also serves a second purpose. The eight artists included will also be part of two Emerging Artists folk gigs, curated by Folkstock as part of the London Folk and Roots Festival.

The ‘Alt Country‘ showcase at The Islington on 4th November is headlined by Cambridge band Fred’s House and features Marina Florance from Norfolk, Kaity Rae from London and another Cambridge act, Ben Smith.

Kelly Oliver is headlining the all female ‘Folk’ evening on 11th November at The Islington. Joining her are Minnie Birch from Hemel Hempstead, Daria Kulesh from Kings Langley and Zoe Wren from London, currently studying music at Cambridge University. All the acts have impressive stories to tell and songs to sing and are worthy of a national platform.

The combination of the album release and the two huge gigs is the latest milestone in the life of an independent, national treasure – Folkstock Records.

” The opportunity to provide a platform for artists we believe in for the London Folk and Roots festival was an honour which I have relished. Curating the only Emerging Talent evenings for the festival is a massive vote of confidence for our Folkstock ‘community’, and in fact, all the acts performed at our first festival in 2013. It’s great to give this opportunity to acts who have been intrinsically involved with us from the start and, in addition, for two of our artists to open the Time Out Rising Stars of Folk event is truly thrilling.”  Helen Meissner, Folkstock Records

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