MetaQuorum impact with left field album ‘Midnight Sun’ and new single

If you like your music to be predictable and follow the crowd, then you should probably look away now. The single above, out now, is called ‘North Sea Fret’, and is about as far from the musical mainstream is it’s possible to land without dialling up Philip Glass.

The single is the work of MetaQuorum, a duo based in England’s north east whose new album ‘Midnight Sun’ is also out now. Daring and atmospheric, it’s a high quality jaunt into genre-mashing mayhem, which could be a mess but is drawn together by fantastic structuring and musicianship.

Pulling together funk, jazz, electro-touches and the latest recording techniques, their music is a creatively compelling puzzle. It’s good on first listen, but with more listen you appreciate more and more how everything flows. It’s like peeling back layers, piece by piece, from a solidly entertaining core.

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