New EP – Jess Thristan – ‘Live on Love’

With the lyrical dexterity of a poet (a good one…), and the musical backing to match, Jess Thristan is an artist with all the tools to make it in the music industry. Now on her second EP with ‘Live on Love’, the singer-songwriter continues to turn out work that sees her develop as an artist while retaining the elements that made her great out of the gate.

Her vocal is clean, pure and has an naivety to it which makes it endlessly pleasing, while her lyrics show the opposite. This is an artist who thinks deeply about what she’s trying to say, and it’s perhaps in this split between the knowing and the innocent that makes her stand out. That and the faultless acoustic style.

Tate title track ‘Live on Love’ for example. The subject matter is somewhat thought provoking – about people who live simpler lives being freer to just be happy – but it’s wrapped in an upbeat acoustic rhythm that skips along brilliantly. It’s a killer combination, to be sure.

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