Jerry Lawson ready for June 29th release of great album ‘Just a Mortal Man’

There’s every chance you might have heard the name Jerry Lawson before, but can’t quite put your finger on why. Let me refresh your memory.

For over 40 years now, Jerry has delighted music fans as founder of The Persuasions, one of the top vocal groups of the 60s/70s era having been signed by none other than Frank Zappa. Later, he went on to join with vocal group Talk of the Town, continuing a run of releases that, over his career, has topped 22 albums in total.

Now, at age 71, he is once again reinventing himself as a solo performer. Incredibly, not one of those previous album was released as a solo artist, meaning that his debut solo album is coming out at the start of his eighth decade…

Assured, composed and innately talented, Jerry Lawson proves here he hasn’t lost a step. This fusion of pop, rock, soul, country, folk and more is a superb album, showcasing a voice you couldn’t possibly tire of hearing. With added gruffness but still smooth as silk, Jerry Lawson has still got it.

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