Fun new album from versatile group Songs For Mr Sloane

One of the most original and fun loving artists you’ll hear in a while, Songs For Mr Sloane is a collective of musicians who seem to write songs purely for the love of music. A fine group of individuals led by London’s Peter Dale (vocals, keys, guitars) and Buckinghamshire’s Guy Snook (Bass), it’s a group of creatives who come together under this banner every now and again to put out a new album and see what they can make.

The result is a varied, fun, full album which by turns mixes acerbic lyrical wit with upbeat, melodic instrumentation. The mix has seen their lyrics compared to the offbeat likes of The Divine Comedy, with their sprawling musical excesses (the good kind) likened to Pink Floyd.

That’s great company to be keeping in terms of style, and the blend is an effective one. To see for yourself the full results, head to Bandcamp to order a copy of the album.

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