Album review – The Lowriders self titled album

Ten tracks of intense, atmospheric rock that thrives on knowing when to let loose and when to hold back, the new album from The Lowriders is one of the hottest independent rock LPs you’re likely to hear this year.

Opened perfectly by ‘Here And Now’, which makes a brilliant impact without showing all the cards, the album develops from there into a masterclass of LP building. Some elements rock out fully, others pull back and simply bare teeth as opposed to biting completely. ‘I Am Soldier’ (above) serves as track two and is another highlight, as is track 7 ‘Beg and Steal’.

Showing another colour to The Lowriders’ palette, it opens acoustic and never grows too far from there, only adding harmonic layers and subtle instrumentation to show yet another dynamic. It sounds like overly high praise to say it made me think of Thom Yorke doing a cover of a Beatles song, but that’s the feel it captures.

Each of the ten songs has something to offer, and really marks The Lowriders as hot indie property on the UK market right now.

Get involved now – – album coming March 16th

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