‘Transformer’ video/single – Mollie Marriott

Out now, this is the new single from new pop artist Mollie Marriott:

Available on iTunes now, this top quality track is laden with great production from top to bottom, plus has the bonus of featuring perhaps one of the finest new vocalists you will hear this year.

Lush pop from start to end, the single sees Mollie Marriott on top form throughout – something that that has already caught the eye of tastemakers in BBC radio and Music Week to name a few. It doesn’t hurt that Mollie Marriott already has some standing in the industry, having worked for many years as a backing vocalist for some truly great artists. It also doesn’t hurt that she counts one of the country’s highest profile actors (Danny Dyer) among her friends and can thus parachute him into her video!

Mollie Marriott is the full package, and with more tracks like this expected on a Spring album, there’s every chance she’ll be breaking the big time very soon. You heard her here first.

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