Superb Norwegian songwriter Nuborg shines on new album

Melancholic, contemplative, uplifting and beautiful, ‘Sliding Off The Edge of the World’ is the new album from Nuborg, a songwriter from Norway who certainly knows how to spin and ambient pop tune.

The title track to the album (above) is just a taste of what she’s capable of, layering melodies and rhythms over one another in subtle but effective blends to build something stunning. Many of her songs start quietly, introducing the elements without combining them, before eventually bringing it all together in one big crescendo.

Ordinarily, a nine song release which adheres to a formula like this might seem prosaic, but in this case it all just washes over you with an ebb and flow that seems organic. This is not music made for the masses, this is music made from passion and it’s clear to see in the lyrics and the building blocks of this excellent album.

Get it from iTunes now and you’ll see what I mean.

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