Introducing: Lizzie Jane (New single out Friday;Live show on same day in Manchester)

If you’re a music fan on the lookout for something fresh and entertaining (and if you’re really a music fan you should be) then you could do a lot worse than checking out the new single from upcoming Manchester pop songwriter Lizzie Jane.

Don’t let that ‘pop’ label put you off though, if you’re someone who usually avoids the genre like the plague. This is witty and unusual, making a point of being an artist who both physically and musically escapes from the norm. Here’s the single, see for yourself.

Really good fun but still making its point, ‘I Don’t Think So’ is not only entertaining but really well put together, with clear and incisive production that ensures the wholly important lyrics are serviced with nice clean lines.

If you’ve listened above and this new single tickles your fancy you can enjoy Lizzie Jane live at her single launch party at Sound Control in Manchester on the 5th of September. Tickets are £5 and available here:

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